I’ve spent my life as a confirmed book addict. Nothing else to read? Gimme the back of a cereal box, anything. Science fiction, fantasy and mystery were always my genres of choice, until I ran out of books at hand. (This was pre-Kindle – I’m *never* going to run out of books now!)

A friend handed me a tattered Georgette Heyer novel. It was Venetia, and I fell head over heels for the dialogue and tension between bright, intelligent Venetia and her charming rake.

It was like the best of the old movies I adore – To Catch a Thief, Notorious, Desk Set, His Girl Friday

And I thought of all the great science fiction and fantasy books I love, and how on some of them the tension, the slow burn, between the characters is as much fun as the plot itself.

Science fiction and romance combine as naturally as peanut butter and jelly – or peanut butter and chocolate! The background can be as expansive as the universe, or as close as a new lunar colony settlement. Characters can be brave, adventurous, and in all sorts of trouble.  I don’t think once we reach the stars our complicated lives are going to be magically solved!

New to mixing your romance with some science fiction? Give it a try! I have snippets of my Star Breed books posted here to read for free! Like any new frontier, there are lots of stories to be told!

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