Pirate Nemesis by Carysa Locke


Don’t start late at night.

I started reading Pirate Nemesis while getting ready for bed – I’d just finished an anthology, and this was next up on the Kindle.

I’ll just read a few chapters, I thought.

No. I stayed up and finished the whole thing. (I possibly swore a little bit at myself when I realized the time, but the cat’s not telling.)

Mercy’s growing comprehension of the situation, and her complicated relationship with Reaper, nestled into a well developed world kept my interest.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but even though at the beginning it feels like you’ve stepped into the middle of the story, just hang on. It’s totally worth your time, and it all hangs together nicely. History of the world was brought up, but not in an overly info-dumpy sort of way.

I’m looking forward to the next in the series!

.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited

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