Staked: Chapter Four

Without warning, he grabbed me from behind, pulling me tightly to his front. The hand which had been stroking the bra now kneaded my breast through the lace, while his other hand reached between my legs, rubbing my mound through the silky covering.

“Getting wet, Ani?” He breathed in my ear.

His fingers slipped inside the fabric, brushed my opening, and I jerked back. His hips ground against my ass, trapping me between his hand and his hardened need.

His teeth grazed my neck, and I bucked against him. Teased by his fingers and seeking hands, I desperately needed to touch him. I struggled in his arms, trying to reach him.

Instantly, his arms clamped around me. “You have two options. Are you going to let me do as I wish, or do I need to restrain you?”

I fought for my voice. “I honor my bets.” My voice shook.

He turned me to face him, running his hands over my breasts. My nipples stood out clearly through the thin fabric. He reached around to unclasp the bra and my breasts fell free. He lifted one as if weighing it in the palm of his hand, considering, then released the breast, and took the thin cord at the side of the sodden panties in both hands.

“Oh, I know you do.”

With a quick motion he tore the cord, throwing the fabric to the side. “But I think I’ll hold you down anyway. Watching you struggle as I control your body, control your pleasure, has been on the list for a long time.”

He pushed me back onto the bed, then reached into a side table and brought out a dark brown blob of gel, and raised one of my wrists above my head. Stunned, I could only watch as his eyes grew darker. The substance oozed over my wrist, holding it firm. I gave an experimental tug. No movement. He brought the other wrist up, and it slid into the restraint. The device held at a constant ten centimeters above my head.

“Something else we can bring to the Star. But tonight, there’s only you and me.” He stretched out next to me and ran a line of kisses down the side of my neck, feather light.

“Roll over.”

I tensed.

He raised an eyebrow. “Roll over.” His voice brooked no argument.

The device allowed slight movement, but kept my hands fixed over my head as I rolled onto my belly, my nerves tight as a drum. I could hear movement behind me and glanced over my left arm to see him step away from the bed. He slowly removed his shirt, exposing his broad, tanned chest.

I whimpered, deep in my throat.

He frowned. “Ani, I’m not going to hurt you. You should know that.”

His gaze ran over me stretched out before him. “Only in good ways.” He tossed his shirt to the side, then climbed onto the bed, straddling my ass. “Just relax.”

His hands began to rub in circles across my shoulders, digging deeper. With each stroke, he moved lower on my back.

I moaned into the comforter, eased by the movements. “I don’t know where you’ve been, but you’ve picked up some good skills along the way.”

“I wish you weren’t always so tense.” I jumped as he reached down and slapped my bare ass. “Less talking now.”

He dug into a knot in my lower back, and I groaned. “That’s an acceptable sound.” As he worked his way back up from my lower back to shoulders, he stretched out over me.

A hard length rubbed between my ass cheeks through the fabric of his pants, and I bucked in realization.


Two fingers thrust into my mouth silenced me. “Suck,” he whispered. He rocked back and forth against my ass. The sensation of the smooth fabric as it slid against me drove the pressure building between my legs.

I turned my attention to Kieran’s fingers, sucking them, swirling my tongue over his rough pads, easing him deeper into my throat.

He groaned and ground harder against me. His breathing roughened. “Kneel.” He pulled his fingers from my mouth so suddenly I blinked.

The growing need between my legs combined with his intensity blurred my thoughts.

He sat back, freeing my legs from between his and dragged my ass backwards and up into the air. “Spread further.” He didn’t wait, but moved my knees further apart with his own, as far as my hips would stretch while I supported my weight on my elbows.

“Oh, Ani.” The raw need in his voice dug into me. He traced a line up the inside of my thigh, almost brushing my slick folds, but stopping short of where I wanted, where I needed him to be.

I moaned in frustration.

“Not yet, honey. It’s a long list.” He positioned himself between my knees, stroking my thighs, my ass, my back. Overstimulated, every touch felt like he ran fire across my skin.

I jumped as he reached around me to grab one of my breasts, squeezing to the point of delicious agony. He pressed against my ass again as he reached to the other side, kneading both in his hands, rubbing against me.

I moaned and ground back into his hips. “Please, Kieran …” I whispered.

He leaned over to kiss the nape of my back and I spasmed under him at the brush of his lips.

He hummed in pleasure. “Well, that’s interesting. A little wound up?”

I could only shudder as he moved one hand back to run along my spine, following it with feather light kisses and tentative licks.

He sat up behind me and caressed the outside of my legs while my breathing evened. I’d never experienced anything like that before, as if the entirety of my back was another sexual organ for him to play.

As my breathing slowed, his caresses moved to the inside of my thighs, each stroke reaching higher. He traced a finger along my folds and I trembled, my own need taking over thought.

“Is that good, Ani?” he murmured.

I couldn’t get my tongue to work; I lay panting under his touch.

A sharp slap on my ass took my breath away. It somehow melded with the sensations of him playing with the edge of my pussy. “Answer me, honey.”

“Yes, Kieran,” I gasped.

He moved his attention to my mound, rubbing my clit in circles with his palm. “And this, is it good?”

“Kieran,” was all I could moan, my voice pleading for more. I wantonly tried to press against his hand, but he held me firm.

“Oh no, Ani. We’re going to go at my speed.”

I let out a sob of frustration.

“But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time.” He dipped a finger between my pussy lips and I cried out.

He slid it deeper inside me, working it back and forth. “I do believe you’re enjoying this, Ani.”

A second, then a third finger slipped inside me, and I shook as he began to rotate them with every thrust, brushing my throbbing clit. I squirmed against his hand, desire making me shameless.

The pressure built with each thrust, and I strained against the device, knowing it was useless, but needing release.

“There’s no place to go, Ani. Just you and me.” He switched his attention back to my clit, rubbing in tight circles, then rocked back to press again. It slid in, a tiny bit, and I squirmed, my nerves on fire.

The muscles in my legs shook, threatening to collapse under me.

He flicked his fingers over my clit, sending waves of sensation spiraling through me.

“Kieran,” I sobbed. “Please…” My back arched as he grabbed my hips with both hands, grinding me against him. Even through the fabric of his pants, I could feel him, hot and ready.

Suddenly, he pushed me to my side, the damn device still keeping my hands fixed above my head. I lay curled, a shuddering wreck, and stared at him.

He stood before me at the edge of the bed, his broad chest rising and falling with breaths as uneven as my own. He raked my flushed body with his eyes. “I’m going to watch your face as you come.”

He undid his pants and stepped out of them. My eyes widened as his cock sprung free, long, and thick. “I’m going to hold you so I feel every twitch, every shudder.”

He lay down on his side facing me and eased me onto my back. His hand kneaded my breasts, switching from one to the other, each grasp a bit harder, more demanding.

I arched my back, pressing myself into his hands. He rolled one swollen nub between his fingers and bent his head to suckle at the other, his hair falling to brush against my chest.

His sucking started gently, and I sighed as he became more insistent, light nibbles alternating with the barest touch of his lips.

At my groan, the kisses turned rough, all gentleness gone. One arm wrapped under my shoulders to keep me pressed against him, while his leg covered my knee, forcing me open and exposed.

His hand replaced where his mouth had been minutes before, stroking my thigh, teasing with the lightest of touches, circling nearer and nearer.

He broke away from my mouth to travel down my neck, licking and sucking, as his fingers rubbed across the top of my mound, grazing the hood of my clit. My eyes fell closed, lost in the sensations.

He paused, and I blinked my eyes open, my heated body hazing my brain. “Eyes open, Ani.” He brushed my lips with his, fixing me with his stare as his hand resumed.

I panted as his fingers circled my clit, getting closer and closer. His face was so close all I could see was his eyes. I was burning in the blue of his eyes, melted by his heat.

The palm of his hand pressed into my clit while his fingers danced over my opening, sending spasms through me.

He pulled me into his chest and groaned, his fingers never stopping. “I love how you feel. I love knowing I made you feel this way.”

His voice, his words pushed me closer to the edge, while his fingers impaled me. The sensations overwhelmed me, sucked me in, and I felt myself slipping. The arm around my shoulders squeezed tighter, and I shattered, twitching and jerking beyond my control, held tight in his arms.

My eyes fluttered open. I sat cradled in Kieran’s lap. He stroked my hair and looked a bit concerned. “Everything all right?”

I shrugged, then realized the device was missing from my wrists.

He must have seen the question in my eyes. “Break time.” He grinned roguishly. “And who knows what I’ll pull out of my bag of tricks for next round.”

My heart beat faster. My throat was dry, but I forced the words out. “Next round?”

“Oh, yes. A full rotation worth of rounds.”

He stroked my breast, then groaned as I squirmed in his lap. I felt his answering twitch, the hard length pressed against my back.

My own heat began to build anew, but first, I had to understand.

“Why are you doing this, Kieran?”

He didn’t answer, but I pushed away the inferno building inside me. I had to know. I cupped his face with my hand, waited for him to meet my eyes.

“You remember my dad, right, Ani?”

I nodded, fighting down my shudder. The man had been an animal. Drunk, abusive. My father had banned him from his place, as had most every other saloon owner, but it didn’t matter. The man lived to be high or wasted. And to hurt people.

Kieran’s arms tightened around me. For my protection, for his comfort, I couldn’t tell. “The day I left, he…” his voice tightened. I looked up to find his gaze locked onto a memory far away. I reached up to stroke the side of his face. He looked down, caught his breath. “He beat me pretty bad. I didn’t even want to go to your dad. I was fifteen. Shouldn’t I have been able to take care of myself?”

I started to speak, but he laid a finger over my mouth. “I know better now. But I didn’t then. I went to the dock to watch the ships.”

We’d done that often as kids, snuck down to the smaller ring mounted at the base of the spindle. They weren’t pretty, shiny space ships—pleasure boats and personal craft usually went to the upper dock. Battered old cargo ships, refugee transports were what landed. Still, it was magic to us.

“People got on and off, men and women with perfectly normal lives, able to do anything they wanted.” He shrugged. “At least I thought so. I guess my view of being an adult was over simplified.”

I snorted.

“And I realized that if I stayed here, stayed with my father, nothing would ever change. Except maybe, one day, he’d kill me. And I didn’t want to give the bastard that pleasure. I had found my way into a loading dock as the crates were being loaded up. I wasn’t going to stow away.” His grip around me tightened again. “I thought if I could hide long enough, I could float away with them when they departed. That it would be over.”

My stomach went cold. I’d been angry with him for a decade for leaving me, for disappearing. I’d worried that his father had actually killed him.

But I’d never realized how lost he had been. He idly stroked my arm, caught up in the telling.

“I ducked between two crates, pressed into a niche in the wall. No one would find me. They took the crates, everyone loaded the ship, then … nothing.”

“The sensors,” I guessed.

He nodded. “How stupid could I get? Of course the bay sensors registered a life form, and the airlock wouldn’t release. I didn’t know any of that. I just wished they’d hurry up and go before I changed my mind. I’d squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the vacuum to hit. Which is why I didn’t see him coming.”

He grinned, just a little. “I heard boots on the steel, heavy, heading right towards me. But there was nowhere to go. I just pressed back into my niche, hoping they wouldn’t find me. Hair cut short, older than your dad, but he had the same tough look to him. He told me I made a lousy stowaway, then lifted me up from the floor. I thought that was it; I’d be sent back, given to the guards.”

“But the light hit my face, and he saw the bruising. I’d been hiding for an hour or so, so they’d developed pretty well, I guess. He asked if I wanted to come along; could I obey orders. Did I want a life of hard work, possible death, but wonder and mystery? And away we went.”

Kieran stroked my hair. “There’s so much out there, Ani. So many worlds, colonies, each going their own way, making discoveries, learning. So many things to explore.” The roguish grin was back. “And trade for. With smart connections and planning, the Captain put a tidy sum aside. Three years into my time, he and most of the old crew retired. He said there gets to be a point when the risk to get more outweighs what you’ve already got. I bought the ship from him with my share, and have been working my way back up ever since.”

I looked around the opulent apartment. How far up had he gotten? And what, exactly, was he trading? Most captains I knew from the bar didn’t seem to have this sort of money.

Kieran kissed my forehead. “I always meant to contact you. But … at first I thought you’d be angry I’d left without telling you. Then, before I knew it, it had been so long I didn’t know what to say.” He pushed a stray lock of hair behind my ear. “But I always thought of you. What you’d think of a new flower, or food. How much you’d love the adventure. You were the only one who believed in me, you know.”

I shook my head. “My father believed in you too.”

He grinned wolfishly, and I shivered a little in his lap. “That’s true, but I never wanted to do this to your father.” He brushed his thumb over the top of my breast and I moaned.

His eyes gleamed with heat, and I could feel him hardening beneath me. He reached for the device, once again a glob of jelly.

I kissed his shoulder. “Are you sure you need that?”

He held my wrist. “Seeing you tied up, open to anything. Ani, you don’t know what that does to me.”

I reached between our tangled legs with my free hand and caressed the velvet skin of his hard length. “I think I can guess.”

He lost focus as I stroked him, from the thick base to the bulbous head. I could feel his pulse as he panted. Without losing my rhythm, I squirmed until I faced him on the bed, legs wrapped around his torso, enough room between us to maintain my attention to him.

My fingers wrapped around him, pumping faster.

He grunted, eyes beginning to roll up, his chest shuddering from shallow breaths. “Oh, no, honey.” He snapped back, snatching my hand from him.

He leaned forward, pushing my hands above my head, fingers laced around my wrists. He held both tight with one hand. With the other, he braced against the bed and forced us down, until he lay over me, breathing still ragged.

“Don’t move.” The warmth in his voice from our talk had burned away; nothing but lust remained.

He pressed his lips to mine. His tongue flicked over my lips and I opened for him, relishing the feel of his tongue. He sucked on my lower lip and I felt my body respond to his need; answer with heat of my own.

He lowered his torso to mine, his length hard and hot against me, timing his thrusts against my mound with the plundering of my mouth. He moved down my neck, alternating kisses with nibbles, his free hand kneading and squeezing my breast until I squirmed under him.

A pulsing noise rang in my head. I blinked, confused, unable to decipher it through the rising pressure through my body.

The volume of the noise increased until it broke through Kieran’s focus.

He looked around, face blank, while I panted under him. His eyes cleared—clearly the sound was an alarm of some sort. He trembled above me with the effort to remain still, and grunted, “There. Had. Better. Be. A. Fire.”

A long pause, then a voice from a speaker at the side of the room. “Mr. Matthias, there’s been a shatter bomb attack at the Sapphire Star.”

The words melted the fog of sensation from me, and I pushed Kieran away. “Is anyone hurt?” I called out to the unseen voice while searching for some remnant of clothing.

“No casualties reported at this time.”

I stared in dismay at the wisps of gauze on the floor.

“Find a set of women’s clothing. Prep the flitter. We’ll be leaving in five minutes,” Kieren ordered. He squeezed my hand. “He’ll have it here by then, and we’ll be in the air.”

But he couldn’t answer the question beating in my mind. What? Who would have done this?

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