AuthorPhotoLet me start by telling you a story. When I was about 12, maybe 13, my mother bought a book for me. She recognized the author’s name, and while she knew he didn’t specifically write for children, it looked like an interesting fantasy story.

It was Maia, by Richard Adams. While a great book, reviewers on Goodreads have commented “This is the dirtiest book I’ve ever read.”

I enjoyed the story, the world building, politics and intrigue, but it certainly…broadened my horizons, shall we say.

I write children’s fiction under my ‘regular’ name, and for the sake of keeping things tidy (and not giving other kids a surprise education) decided to use an old family name when I branched out to other genres.

Under any name I love happy endings, science fiction, and am often found pinned into place by a menagerie of dogs and cats.

I love old movies – To Catch a Thief, Notorious, All About Eve — and anything with Katherine Hepburn in it. Clever, elegant people doing clever, elegant things.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

And I love science fiction.

So it makes perfect sense to me to try to merge all of those loves into a new science fiction world, where dashing heroes and lovely ladies have adventures, get into trouble, and find their true love in the stars!

There’s a funny imaginary line between science fiction and romance in some peoples’s minds.  The idea is that science fiction is all about the technology, and not about the story.

That boundary, like lines on a map, is imaginary.  Romance and romantic tension lie at the heart of many good stories. And science fiction encompasses more than just ultra techno space opera.

Once upon a time, a romance was a story of fabulous adventures – and I think that fits science fiction well!



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