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Kordiss has spent his life on the fringe, not succumbing to his rages. But when he rescues feisty human Sharla from intergalactic sex traders, his defenses are breached by her trusting smile. And when she’s stolen from his arms, nothing will stand in the way of getting her back.

This is a sexy, steamy stand alone alien abduction romance with a happy ending. Just .99!

Captain Taryn Nephalia was, honestly, a little bored with her current mapping mission. But a freak accident sent her and her crew crashing towards an unknown planet. Captured by alien snake me, Taryn knows she’s on her own to escape, rescue her crew, and get off that rock. But she’s not expecting help from a fellow prisoner – a hunky alpha alien warrior on mission of his own. And now his mission includes her. Bonded to the Alien is the first in a linked series of steamy science fiction romance short stories about Captain Taryn and her crew.

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Stephine Willovitch isn’t sure about trusting the Eiztar warriors. She’s practical, logical, and not terribly fond of strangers. As far as she remembered, she’d just entered her pod moments ago. Torpor gas had kept her still for the past 36 hours. But apparently Captain Taryn had gotten them all involved with a bunch of rebels, and now they were on the run from some sort of alien snake men. Stephine would follow orders, but she couldn’t be ordered to trust the man paired with her – Dojan Cholsad-. Tall, blond, stunningly handsome – and annoyingly friendly – she certainly wasn’t going to put up with any of this bonding nonsense. But when Dojan is in danger, her heart isn’t listening to her head.

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Sherre Balinko, the navigator and youngest of Captain Taryn’s crew, couldn’t be more excited. She might be stranded on an hostile alien planet, but now they were allied with a whole new group of aliens! Her partner in the race to get the antitoxin back to the base is the tall, handsome Zaddik Wangari.

But the grand adventure is over When the Tuvarians board the Eiztar mothership and Sherre and Zaddik must battle them alone…


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Jeline Montias, human pilot, isn’t thrilled about being paired with Kogav Wangari of Zurole. He’s flippant, grumpy and even though he’s an engineer and not a pilot, reluctant to let her at the controls. Why should she care that he has eyes like gorgeous amethyst pools and a sweet smile?

They can’t seem to stop arguing, even when they’re dodging Tuvarian raiders in their mission to get a deadly poison back to the Eitzar lab for analysis. But when they’re driven through a set of jump gates to a new sector, they’ll have to work together to survive.


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