Conquered World Alien Romance

He shattered her world. Can she trust him with her heart?

Giant spiders, walking trees, bloodthirsty vines.
For Jeneva, it’s just another day trying to survive in the jungles of Ankau.
Until the sky ripped open, and the true monsters came through.
Now her world is under attack, and the only place of safety may be at the side of a rock-hard scaled alien.
But he’s filled with secrets – how can she trust him?

Vrehx cares for nothing other than the destruction of the Xathi hordes who burned his home and killed his family.
But when a weapons test goes horribly wrong, the battle spills over to an uncharted world.
The planet is filled with lethal native life…but nothing is more dangerous than the human woman who obsesses his thoughts.

When war rages around them, can they fight together, or will his burning need for her drive them apart?

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Her heart is closed, safe behind walls of ice. Can a berserker alien with a dark past shatter her defenses?

Brilliant chemist Leena guards her heart with a sharp tongue and steely focus on her work.
A battle-happy jock would be the last traveling companion she ever picked – even if he was human. One of the alien warriors? Not a chance.
But there’s more to Axtin than his green skin and interesting stripes. His strong arms will protect her from attackers, but as her emotions start to thaw, who will save her from him?

Axtin only finds peace in his endless fights against the Xathi after the destruction of his homeworld,
The galactic rift that brought the war to Ankau simply means a new battleground, nothing more.

But when he’s forced to guard the spirited Leena from the dangers all around, can he learn to care for something deeper?

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When you know you’re going to die young, you can react in a few ways.

Harden your heart. Fight destiny.
Or roll with the hand you’re dealt and enjoy what time you have.
Archivist Mariella thought all hope of a cure for her disease had been lost long before the Xathi invaded.
The war sped up her timeline, nothing more.
The warriors of the Vengeance? Friends only.
Even if one of them calls to her heart and sparks new desires within her…

Tu’ver and the rest of the K’ver people esteem logic and order above all.
He has a function.
To fight with the crew of the Vengeance. To kill the Xathi. To avenge his people.
So why is he so drawn to the gentle human, Mariella?
And when there’s a chance to obtain information that may cure her, why would he risk everything to save her?

In the war between logic and passion, there can be only one victor.  

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Dr. Evangeline Parr lost it all when the Xathi attacked Fraga.

When she’s asked to establish a clinic in the devastated town of Einhiv, she jumps at the chance to help.

The only problem? A smart ass, joking Skotan warrior. He’s a terrible patient. Impossible. Refuses to take anything seriously.

Until they’re caught in an explosive situation, and a new side of him emerges.

Protective. Efficient.

And very intriguing.

Sakev joined the Skotan fleet after an… unusual career.

The ghosts of his past have mostly subsided against the ongoing struggle to keep up with the Xathi attacks and their new hybrid weapons.


He never expected a tiny human female to break through his carefully constructed facade.

But his past pales against the mystery of the war they’re fighting. And when the enemy changes yet again, keeping Evie safe becomes more than just another mission.

It’s the only mission he cares about.

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You’d be a bit of a b*tch, too.

If everyone has left you, died on you, and laughed at your dreams, you might have a few issues. And then to have your planet invaded right when you’re about to follow through on the one thing you have left?


Amira’s not particularly interested in making friends. When she hears a rumor that the alien war ship may soon depart, she’s done. This time she’ll be the one doing the leaving.

But no matter how hard she makes her heart, she can’t help but want to help the refugees sheltering in the Vengeance.

And when a certain green skinned alien makes her a proposal, it’s only for the other humans she’s considering it.


Daxion is used to being the big-brother of the team. The oldest of ten, he’d learned to roll with almost anything long before he joined the alliance against the Xathi.

Tiny, prickly Amira spikes his curiosity, and his desire. He’s determined to keep her safe .

What he’s feeling is anything but brotherly. He has a new mission now: work his way past the barriers around her heart.

But with the war against the Xathi taking a new turn, will they have a chance?

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Skotan General Rouhr will destroy the Xathi on Ankau, whatever the cost.
It’s the only honorable solution for allowing the war to infect the human colony world.
As soon as their ship is repaired, he and his men will be gone, back to the battle raging in the homeworlds.
But the smiling eyes of one brave human leader set fire to his soul, the touch of her soft skin against his scales becomes an addiction.
Needing her may be a distraction from his mission, but he can’t stop. Not now.

Vidia knows her time with Rouhr is limited.
She’s got her own responsibilities, people who depend on her.
She understands that loving a leader sometimes means watching him leave.
With every caress her heart breaks, but she can’t walk away.
Not yet.

Even if they win the final battle against the Xathi, can they survive the price?

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The Xathi may be defeated. But the battle to rebuild is just beginning.

For geologist Annie Parker, all she can hope for is helping her shattered family heal while she works in her quiet laboratory.

Until a mysterious seismic eruption shakes her entire world all over again.

Teamed up with a surly Valorni, Annie just wants to get the job done. Investigate the incident and get back to her lab.

Ignore the intriguing flashes of the man inside his bitter shell, ignore the sparks he sends through her at every touch.

The war for Ankou was never his.

And Strike Team Two Leader Karzin needs to go home.

His team may be fine helping the humans rebuild their cities, but he has other plans. He’ll find a way back to the Home Worlds, or kill himself trying.

When General Rouhr orders him to help the tiny human female in her research, only long-standing discipline takes him to her side.

But once he’s there, it’ll take more than the attacks of this strange new enemy to drag him away from her.

And when even their memories are under siege, Karzin and Annie may find they have something worth fighting for after all.

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One heated kiss. It doesn’t mean anything. She won’t let it.

Dr. Tella Briar lives for field work. Has no interest in being tied down.

But when Strike Team Two member Rokul “rescues” her from the grip of a deadly vine, the attraction that flares between them can’t be denied.

They’ll have to work together to figure out what’s happening to the planet around them.

They can keep it professional, right?

Rokul lives for battle. 

And this stubborn, brilliant woman is going to make him fight to keep her.

She’s worth it. 

She’s worth anything.

But when the danger underground reaches out to trap them, can he win the fight to make her stay?

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Sylor refuses to be the typical Valorni warrior. He craves order. Discipline. Certainly not her. 

It’s simply impossible that one wild, criminal human female could make him forget everything he believes in.

Impossible. And yet…

Nesta hates the surface world and surface dwellers with their stupid rules. Humans or alien warriors, it makes no difference.

The only way to survive is to take what she needs.

When did her needs include a burly green skinned warrior, and his possessive, claiming touch?

They may be able to find a way out of the trapped city. If they can work together that long…

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The focus of K’ver soldiers is legendary.
But the bright eyes of one human female threaten to distract Iq’her from his mission.

A rising tide of anti-alien sentiment threatens to destroy the fragile steps towards peace.

Iq’her’s assignment is to infiltrate one of the breakaway groups and try to keep them from doing too much damage. But Stasia’s sharp will and lush curves make his blood boil. 

And when she’s in danger? All bets are off.

Stasia knows she isn’t anyone important. Nobody special. Just one of the thousands of survivors trying to build a new life.

She’s got enough to worry about, trying to keep her hot-headed brother out of trouble. But one alien warrior in particular makes her heart race every time he’s near. 

His touch sets them both aflame, but can they survive the fire?

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Nosy, undisciplined humans aren’t high on his list. Not until a brilliant, beautiful doctor sets all his senses on fire.

Living with his brother Rokul and his human mate Tella was quite enough for Takar.

A life in the military taught him to be controlled. Restrained. 

Rules were there for a reason, even if the humans never seemed to understand.

But when a curious human woman bursts into his duty station, he can’t get escape his thoughts of her.

And when she plunges into danger, he’ll ignore his own rules to keep his mate safe.

Scientist Daphne is terrible with mysteries. She wants to know everything about, well, everything.

The world is filled with questions, and she wants the answers.

When Takar is sent to retrieve her from a slightly unauthorized research trip, she’s beyond annoyed.

But when they’re trapped in the tunnels, she realizes she has just as many questions about the gruff Skotan warrior.

Who is he, really? How does his touch send heat through her belly? And why does she want to run her hands across his broad chest…and more?

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She’s only a mission. Until she becomes his everything.

Zarik would do anything to regain his honor. 
Even step out of the shadows to try to help one of the frail human females regain her memory.

But with every clue, he’s less interested in righting the wrongs of his own past, and more about keeping her safe.
Keeping her at his side.
Just keeping her.

Miri has no past.
Waking alone in the forest, she stumbles into a strange new world, with giant alien warriors living along side humans. 
And a devastating war that somehow she missed.
Or did she?

Zarik is determined to find out what happened to her. 
But is she just a path to scrub away the stain of his past?
Or is there something more growing between them?

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Strike team leader Sk’lar just wants to do his job well.
Through long, painful experience, he’s developed the skills to do just that.

Until a strong, fierce human woman rocks his world.
And then nothing else matters but her.

She doesn’t know it yet. 
But she’s his.
And he’s hers.

Focused, beautiful Phryne Manka doesn’t do relationships. 

As the head of security for Vidia Birch, she barely has the time or interest to think about people.

But there’s something about Sk’lar that makes her relax her guard.
Have fun. Feel like a woman, not a soldier.

Good thing he’s just a friend, right?
Simpler that way. Easier.
But when there’s a threat to her life, he’s the only one she can trust.

And in the chaos that follows she has to ask, does really know what her heart wants?

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Can an alien brawler and a gentle scientist stop arguing long enough to kiss?

Jalok might have a teeny bit of an anger management problem.
But that’s alright. He’s here for the battle.
Xathi, walking trees, rioting mobs.
He’s ready to fight against anything, no matter the consequences.

Until suddenly, he has someone to fight for.

Dottie loves her quiet life in Kaster.
She has friends, her great-great-something grandfather’s bicycle.
A killer recipe for chili chocolate brownies.
And a new best friend who happens to be a planet-sized plant. Entity.

When Jalok is assigned to protect her, sparks fly.
He can protect her from anything.
But will they be safe from each other?

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He’s a giant green muscled warrior.
And he might be the most exciting risk she ever takes.

Tyehn is a rare Valorni warrior. Steady. Dependable. Not typically prone to violent rages.
So when he’s matched with a risk-taking, impulsive human scientist he’s shocked to discover every last ounce of his self-control is out the window…

Maki loves adventure. Taking risks. Pushing the limits.
Being chased by a new form of hybrids through a frozen jungle?
That’s pushing it a little too far. Probably.

The big, sexy warrior at her side makes her heart race in all sorts of new ways. And she likes it. A lot.

But when a dark secret from her past may hold the key to the new fight, can she trust him enough to let go?  

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Skotan warriors know how to roll with the punches.
But nothing prepared him for the impact of meeting his mate.

All Cazak wanted was a simple life.
Well, as simple as you could get when you were stranded on an alien planet that seemed to be under constant attack.

Beautiful, headstrong and sensitive, Sybil is desperate to break free from her artificial life, but there’s no one she can turn to for help.

When her father becomes possessed by the Ancient Enemies, her safety rests in the massive red, scaled hands of one of the alien warriors.

As her life crumbles around her, can she trust him to see who she really is behind the facade?  

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She makes his blood boil. And he can’t tell anymore if its from frustration or desire…

Navat may have to work with the the human woman assigned to help his team.

But he doesn’t have to like her.

Not her attitude. The soft curves of her lips.

Or her stormy eyes. Or the way his skin burns when they touch.

Not the way the scent of her make him lose his mind whenever she’s near.

Nope. Not a thing. 

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She’s his best friend. While the war rages around them, that’s all she can be.
Or is it?

With the war against a deadly enemy coming to a head, K’ver scientist Sa’lok lives for the moments he’s assigned to work with human pilot Teisha.

She’s smart, funny and level headed. Nothing would make him risk their friendship.

But when their closest ally is betrayed, she’s thrown into unimaginable danger. 
And his reaction to Teisha’s peril isn’t just wanting to protect his friend.

It’s the rage that comes with a threat to his mate.

Teisha loves three things: her sister, her sister’s kids, and speed.

After her promising career in linguistics was destroyed in the Xathi attacks, she became a pilot, helping the Alliance forces however she could.

Well, there might be another thing. 



This just isn’t the time. And he probably doesn’t like her that way. Not like that.

And the end of it all can they win the battle, but still lose their hearts?

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