Craved: Star Breed Book Five

Compassion. Kindness. Caring. Not really part of his skill set.
But for her, he might learn.

Geir runs advance reconnaissance, collecting intel the Pack needs to execute their operations.
In and out, hard and fast.
And he doesn’t need help.
So when a gorgeous woman saves his life, he’s knocked more than a bit off his game.
That’s all it is.
Not the shy smile he hungers to coax from her lips, not the sweet body she keeps hidden. Not the mysteries that haunt her eyes.
And certainly not the bewitching scent that stirs him in ways no mission ever has.
He craves her like nothing he’s found before.
Even if she’s the enemy, he’ll make her his.

Valrea knows that the stranger she found washed onto the shore can’t save her.
The secrets of the Compound are too tangled. The nightmares in her blood can never be erased.
But his touch sends her reeling, thirsting for what she can’t have.
What harm could one night do?

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