Pants on or off?

Are you interested in being on my audio podcast about creators and the creative process?

Let me know!

Here’s the list of questions I always ask, but we’ll follow the conversation as it flows:

  • What made you want to live a more creative life?
  • Do you plan your projects in detail, or go with the flow? Why did you make that your process?
  • Do you have another job? What are the pluses and minuses about that?
  • What’s something no one else knows about you, that you wish other people knew and appreciated?
  • What are your favorite inspiration prompts, productivity tools, or creative routines?
  • What three things do you wish you’d known earlier in your creative journey?
  • What’s the latest tool or resource you’ve discovered?
  • What project or message do you want to tell listeners about today?

    Want to catch previous episodes to see what they’re like? Click here!

    At the moment I’m booked through April 2021 – I’ll reopen the form when I’m closer to caught up!

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