Outlaw Planet Mates

I’m on a quest for buried treasure.
When an escape pod crashes onto my only clue, the delectable human female inside is nothing more than a distraction.
Really. Nothing else.

This has to be a dream.
The last thing I remember is going to bed in my comfy jammies, and then having the *worst* nightmares about little grey men.
Because now I’m stuck in an alien jungle with a grumpy, furry treasure hunter who very clearly doesn’t want me around.
Except sometimes I find him looking at me from those golden eyes, and I wonder — am I sure I want to wake up?

Reazus Prime is a hard planet. Once a prison, it was abandoned once the mines dried up and the Overlords could no longer turn a profit off the prisoners. Now it’s a haven for outlaws, pirates, and anyone holding a grudge against authority.

It’s isolated, alone, and the only ships coming are the worst sort. One such ship carrying a cargo of abducted human women, explodes in orbit. A lucky few were ejected in pods, only to crash on the outlaw planet.

Now the race is on to find and claim the human females.

Each book is a stand alone story and can be read in any order.

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