Played: Star Breed Book Eight

When it comes to his mate, there are no rules.

Get the target and go.
For by-the-book Aedan that’s how its always been. How it’ll always be.

But then he finds her.
Clever, adaptable Myria.

Her scent drives him, tempts him to forget the mission.

And there’s no rule book for this.

One hundred years of strife between feuding warlords has dragged the Fringe planet Kerrind back to feudal times.

Which would be someone else’s problem, if one of those warlords hadn’t managed to kidnap the new Emperor’s favorite great-aunt.

And since no one wants to disrupt the fragile peace, she’ll need to be retrieved stealthily.

Get in, retrieve the old lady without starting a war, and go.

No where in those parameters is there room for a snarky guide. Certainly not for having to pretend to be her lover.
No room for the way her voice ties him into knots.
How her touch sets him on fire.

When its time to stop pretending, can he let her go?

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