Series I Love

Honestly, it’s books, series, all the things. And in no particular order, because books are like children – I can’t have a favorite! (and the list is ever growing as I remember to add titles…)

  • Anna Hackett’s Hell Squad A fantastic science fiction action romance!
  • All things T.S. Joyce Her recent Crow sub-series might be my favorite. Or the Panthers. Or anything with Willa…
  • Jessica Gadziala’s entire Navesink Bank Universe I have so much envy for how her brain plots things together… so much envy.
  • The Inspector Thanet Mysteries Somehow I’ve just found these, and I’m addicted.
  • Roderick Alleyn – all 32 or so of them It’s possible I re-read all of these every five years or so. Just possible.
  • Ice Planet Barbarians I love the Dragonfire series as well, but this has some of my favorite bits.
  • The Gervase Fen Mysteries They’re old, and slower than we’re used to now, but the use of language is fantastic.
  • Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove (yes, its historical romance. And so very, very funny.)
  • These Old Shades (I love pretty much all of Georgette Heyer, but for some reason, this is my go to book every time I need a pick-me-up.) Venentia is a close second.
  • Crow, and the whole Boston Underworld series.. I’m not usually much for mafia romance – not entirely sure why. But I love this series! (If you’ve got a good mafia romance series I should try, let me know.)
  • Witchmark. I usually never, ever read a mainstream series until all the books are out. (Blame Glen Cook for that, and the loooong gap in the Black Company. I’m not bitter. Not at all.) But a friend told me to try this one, and I’m so glad I did. It’s amazing, and worth it, even if I have to wait for book two.)
  • The Deep Blue Goodbye. It’s the first of twenty-odd Travis McGee mystery novels, and while some parts feel a bit dated (swingers’ parties on houseboats, anyone?) they’re still so much fun.
  • Queen of the Damned – not the Anne Rice one, but the series by Kel Carpenter. Reverse harem featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And a demon raccoon. (not that way, just in a demon raccoon way.)
  • All the Pretty Monsters, by Kristy Cunning. I did love her Dark Side series as well, but this one had me reading far later into the night. 



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