“Space just got a whole lot hotter…”

When a renegade thief and a genetically enhanced mercenary collide, space gets a whole lot hotter!

Kara knows how to survive in the domed city of Ghelphi. Keep her head down, her tithes paid to the syndicate, and her friends close.

But when a heist goes wrong, she’s given to a ruthless enforcer as punishment.

Davien has one focus – do whatever is necessary until he has the credits to get back into space.

The last thing he wants is a smart mouthed thief – even if she does have the clue he needs to hunt down whoever attacked the floating lab he and his brothers called home.

Tossed between an unstoppable enemy and an underground rebellion, Kara and Davien discover they have more to risk than ever before – and the price has never been higher.

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She doesn’t need anyone. He’s not going to let her go.

Eris Vance, salvager and loner, is happy with her life in the remote fringes of the Empire with just her AI for company. An abandoned ship could be the find of a lifetime, but it’s not nearly as empty as she thinks.

The Daedelus is filled with secrets and the results of genetic experiments to breed the perfect soldier… and now that she’s awakened him, the mystery of it’s destruction will hunt them both.

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No Past. No Trust. No Way Out.

Zayda Caiden relies on no one. An Imperial spy, her mission was betrayed – but she doesn’t know the identity of the traitor.

There’s certainly no reason to trust the giant of a man dumped at the prison clinic, even if he makes her burn with feelings she thought long buried.

Mack has no memory, no real name. Just dreams of fire and pain, and a set of coordinates to a section of unexplored space he refuses to reveal. There’s no room in his mission for a woman with secrets of her own, but her scent fills his dreams.

When they have a chance at freedom, can they trust each other enough to escape? Or will their secrets overwhelm their passion?

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When solitude leads to the brink of madness, only the touch of a sexy, headstrong doctor can pull a dangerous warrior back from the edge…

Dr. Nadira Tannu’s work at the small clinic on Orem station was a quiet practice, helping the people of the Fringe. But then she and one of her patients were abducted into a nightmare on a long lost star ship and nothing would ever be the same.
When a rugged survivor rescues them, can she turn his thirst for revenge into a plan for escape? And can she keep her heart safe from the heat in his eyes?

Vengeance against the faceless droids who destroyed his brothers is all that keeps Ronan alive. But he can’t resist the pleading look in a pair of wide green eyes staring at him from a cage.

He’ll keep her safe. Even if it’s from himself.

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Compassion. Kindness. Caring. Not really part of his skill set.
But for her, he might learn.

Geir runs advance reconnaissance, collecting intel the Pack needs to execute their operations.
In and out, hard and fast.
And he doesn’t need help.
So when a gorgeous woman saves his life, he’s knocked more than a bit off his game.
That’s all it is.
Not the shy smile he hungers to coax from her lips, not the sweet body she keeps hidden. Not the mysteries that haunt her eyes.
And certainly not the bewitching scent that stirs him in ways no mission ever has.
He craves her like nothing he’s found before.
Even if she’s the enemy, he’ll make her his.

Valrea knows that the stranger she found washed onto the shore can’t save her.
The secrets of the Compound are too tangled. The nightmares in her blood can never be erased.
But his touch sends her reeling, thirsting for what she can’t have.
What harm could one night do?

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When the only woman Xander cared for was ripped from his arms, nothing else mattered.
Now she’s back. Fragile and brave, beautiful and brilliant. Someone to protect, someone to fight for.
Except she doesn’t remember him at all.
Her curves and captivating scent drive him mad, demanding he cares for her, possess her.
He’ll keep his mate safe, even if the Empire burns to ash around them.

Loree Sarratt is tired of everyone treating her like an invalid. Her hacking skills could save the Empire – if she’s not arrested first.
First puzzle to solve? An overprotective pillar of muscle who turns her legs to jelly when he’s in the same room.
She can’t lose focus. But the heat of his gaze sends her pulse racing. His touch steals her breath. Everything tempts her to surrender…
And forget the danger she’s in.

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When nothing is real, can they trust each other?

Lorcan and his surviving brothers battled to secure their place in the Empire. They’ve found a place of their own. A home to protect. People to care for.

When a new mission leads away from Orem station, Lorcan volunteers for the job. Anything to keep their new home safe.

His only regret?

Leaving behind the beautiful jeweler who caught his eye with her clever fingers and flashing smile. He’s resigned to seeing her only in his dreams until he returns.

But his dreams turn to nightmares when he finds her in a den of torment . Torn between duty and desire, can he find a way to save her without abandoning the mission?

Cintha Rosek carved a quiet life for herself. Clients who respect her skill. A safe home and a few friends.

All she dared hope for.

But the mysterious disappearance of her brother casts a long shadow. When her young niece begins to ask questions in dangerous places, Cintha will have to put aside her tools and investigate the darkest corners of the Empire’s Fringe.

A giant mercenary could be her salvation, but like everything else around her, he’s not what he seems.

When reality itself bends around them, truth and lies blur, until nothing becomes more certain than his heated touch…

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When it comes to his mate, there are no rules.

Get the target and go.
For by-the-book Aedan that’s how its always been. How it’ll always be.

But then he finds her.
Clever, adaptable Myria.

Her scent drives him, tempts him to forget the mission.

And there’s no rule book for this.

One hundred years of strife between feuding warlords has dragged the Fringe planet Kerrind back to feudal times.

Which would be someone else’s problem, if one of those warlords hadn’t managed to kidnap the new Emperor’s favorite great-aunt.

And since no one wants to disrupt the fragile peace, she’ll need to be retrieved stealthily.

Get in, retrieve the old lady without starting a war, and go.

No where in those parameters is there room for a snarky guide. Certainly not for having to pretend to be her lover.
No room for the way her voice ties him into knots.
How her touch sets him on fire.

When its time to stop pretending, can he let her go?

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He was there to find his brothers. Not his mate.

Quinn is hot on the trail of a missing squadron of the Star Breed. Navigating the politics of the megacorps that run this sector doesn’t leave him time for much else.

Certainly no time for smart, passionate Trini.  

But when Trini turns out to be the key to finding a lost brother, can he keep to his mission, and keep her safe?

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In the war between love and honor, can anyone win?

Determined to restore her family’s honor, Yasmin has no time for romance. Certainly not when she’s embedded on a rival corp’s space station for a bit of industrial espionage.

But her mission is blown when the station falls under attack.

Rescued by a handsome stranger with secrets of his own, they crash on a desert planet.

Her heart tells her to trust him, and her body seems to have a mind of its own whenever he’s near. But can she put her fears aside long enough to trust him with the secrets of her past?

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He wants her. Needs her. Craves her taste.
But can he trust her?

After years alone he’s been brought back to the Pack.
But he’s different now.

She’s content in her small world.
It’s safe. Secure. Filled with beautiful things.

And then he arrives.
Feral. Dangerous. Tempting.

Thrown together, can they learn to trust each other?
And when the mission is over, can they walk away?

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