The Empire’s Fringe

A Complete Novel and Five Science Fiction Romance Stories in One Bundle! 

Join me…on a quest to find love in space! In these pages you’ll find six stories of romance in the stars – with bad boys, smugglers, captains and thieves… and the women that capture their hearts!

Over 138,000 words of steamy hot passion in the stars – all with happy endings!

Readers have a lot to say about the stories in the Empire’s Fringe Universe: 

“This book had sex, steam and best of all, class.” 

“This is a fun, quick and sexy read that shows the fire and build up to a great romance. Love the way characters interacted. The dialogue was good and the action was goldilocks–just right.” 

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Staked: Science Fiction Romance Novel

In the slums of space station Cilurnum 8, fiercely independent Anisha Cheng must decide how far she’s willing to trust Kieran Matthias, the one man who she’s ever allowed to break her heart. If she can’t, she risks losing the Sapphire Star, her late father’s bar and the only home she knows, to a crime syndicate in three days. But as Anisha and Kieran try to work together, the plans of the syndicate may break them apart forever. …

Cassie’s Captain: Science Fiction Romance Story

When colonial anthropology student Cassie attempts to get off station to escape an arranged marriage, she falls into the wrong hands. But can the handsome stranger who comes to her rescue be trusted? 

Stolen: Science Fiction Romance Story

An alien artifact. Archaeologist Eliya Cafeal has spent her life in pursuit of this find – and nothing is going to get in her way. Certainly not a rogue and a scoundrel, even if he makes her blood catch fire. Captain Ruvon Taxal likes his life. Few close friends, a spot of petty smuggling or charter trips as needed. No restrictions, and nothing to tie him down. And if his newest passenger, a feisty archaeologist with storm grey eyes, has gotten under his skin, well, he’ll learn to live without her when she leaves. But everything is changed when Eliya is Stolen. 

Raven’s Heart: Science Fiction Romance Story

Jayna wasn’t looking for trouble. Her plan was to keep her head down, save her money, and get back into to med school. But when she overhears the plans for a bio-terrorism attack that could wipe out the population of her station, her world is turned upside down. Bram, captain of the Raven and small time smuggler, has no intention of getting in the middle of this mess. He’s got his own problems, and they’ve nothing to do with a pair of gorgeous eyes, and a beautiful woman who insists on seeing a hero in him. 

Jewel of Empire: Science Fiction Romance Story

On the spaceliner Dynomius, reformed cat burglar Audrey Pilgram has three weeks to prove her innocence of a series of copycat crimes, or all the sins of her past will be laid at her door. But her quest to uncover the culprit is complicated when she sees the next target – tall, handsome Phillip Lapsys. Can she stop the theft of the jewel before he steals her heart? 

Claimed: Science Fiction Romance Story

In the remote mountains of a frontier planet, tinkerer and part-time inventor Paige Roth has her hands full protecting her claim against the goons of MagnorCo. With the help of her robots, she’s doing pretty well, but the last thing she expects to fall into one of her traps is a handsome stranger trying to hike through the mountains for reasons of his own. He’s handsome enough to make her forget where she put her toolkit, but can she trust him? 

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